harness the gifts of nature for functional gains

Sea Your Potential

The Surfing OT helps people from all walks of life to do the things they want and need to do through embedding therapy within surfing and intrinsically motivating environments in nature.


Free 30 minute phone consultation

For those who wish to inquire more on how The Surfing OT can help, or who are unsure if it is the right fit for them, a FREE 30 minute phone consultation can be scheduled.


The purpose of an evaluation is to identify the performance deficits of a client in order to then establish a plan of care to move forward. Included in a plan of care are selection of functional goals, skills to be addressed, recommended frequency of therapy, and selection of appropriate settings for sessions to take place. Performance deficits can include physical, cognitive and psychosocial skills.

$150/90 Minutes

Occupational Therapy Based Surf Session

Occupational Therapy sessions can take place in a wide variety of natural settings. The beach, the ocean, lakes, rivers, parks, playgrounds, backyards, etc. The goal of nature based therapy sessions is to afford individuals the ability to work on certain skills in inherently meaningful environments. Why natural settings? As an example, imagine training for a marathon on a treadmill vs. training in the outdoors. A treadmill implies being indoors, without being subject to weather variations, uneven terrains, and with a controlled speed. Whereas training outdoors affords the body the ability to practice in a setting with multiple variations of conditions, allowing for a more wholesome foundation of training.

$125/60 Minutes

Adaptive Surf Session

Surfing provides an exciting, motivating activity to embed therapy sessions within. Multiple senses, muscles and skills are being utilized simultaneously in the act of surfing. These sessions will be individualized to each client's personal goals and skill levels. Examples of skills Surfing OT sessions can include are: postural control (maintaining various positions on the moving board), sensory processing (multi-sensory immersion through being in the ocean), motor planning (transitioning from various positions on the board), balance (maintaining position in board in various positions), Fine motor skills (managing attire/equipment), whole body strength (paddling, "pop ups", sustaining positions), self-regulation (waiting, transitions, turn taking, wipe outs), and so much more!

$115/75 minutes

book Ahead to save

3 Occupational Therapy Based Sessions: $315

3 Adaptive Surf Sessions: $300

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